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Re: # Types Of Vehicles.

Originally Posted by IMMentat View Post
where's the option for
I want newer better vehicles, some that maintain the modular design seen so far plus a few specialist units.
Originally Posted by Neurotoxin View Post
Your poll results are weak. I want MORE vehicles than PlanetSide 1.
Same. I don't necessarily want the same vehicles, but I want a diverse platform of vehicles to choose from.
Originally Posted by IMMentat View Post
Enough to cover a variety of roles without too much overlap
I'm actually indifferent when it comes to overlap. You have some people with varying viewpoints when it comes to overlap. For instance saying that having any level of AA is overlap if one vehicle has it. There's definitely a ton of weapon systems and platforms that would create diverse vehicles with many options. I especially like vehicles with abilities. Deploying is an example we saw in PS1 that made the switchblade different from an ATV. That and damage points can really vary the designs.

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