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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

All of you are still talking as if your empires wouldn't have done the VERY SAME THING had you been in our position.

The only thing that NC and TR have shown here is their ignorance, their immaturity, and their egos.

1) We didn't cheat. Some members of our faction were teleported there and not to the gate

2) You complain we didn't footzerg to the warpgate before the event, like your forces did... but we were teleported at the last minute and those people DID NOT HAVE TIME to walk to the gate

3) It took 3 hours for the combined forces of the NC and TR to kick us out... and that was only after you both employed the much-ridiculed gen dropping tactic... three times...

4) You all act as if the base hack was any reason to doubleteam us... you both always double team us and then proceed to try and convince yourself that we are the ones that suck. At least VS can hold their own, on their own.
It's funny how the two factions that always team up against us, are circlejerking at how awesome they are.

5) Can you really say your empires (or yourselves) wouldn't have done the very same things as the VS did today, should you have been in our position?

I bet no one from the NC and TR will quote this post, or contest my 5 points, because all they can do is hide behind false statements, ignorant thoughts, and denial of what really went on.

You all say the VS are crying... but I only see statements of fact. What I do see are the NC and TR crying to justify their double-team.

Oh, and The Kush, you really do sound like a little child. If you want to be taken seriously, trying putting up some valid points to support your argument.
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