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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

Originally Posted by SpLiTNuTz View Post
LOL at all the VS insight and level-headedness:'(. You were out-popped and double-teamed; face it.

Originally Posted by Furber View Post
Hah that was great, VS had it coming when they hacked Atar instantly when the event started. Was like a global taunt to the NC and TR
I was teleported in Atar less than 2 mins before it started. Since the VS was the last empire to be brought on cont, I and many other VS had no time to even leave Atar's SOI much less get to a warpgate, so of course we would've had a hack on first. I have no doubts in my mind that if the VS had been let into Oshur first, the NC/TR would've behaved in the exact same manner.

It's unfortunate the other 2 empires took the GM's lack of action and lack of communication so personally and saw it as "cheating" on the part of the VS. I know the GM's were overwhelmed with tells and such so I understand and don't bear any ill will against them. I'm still really glad they setup this event for us and throw out my thanks to them for trying to squeeze a few more drops of fun out of this 9-year-old game.

I just wish events could've played out differently. It would've been nice to have had a chance to see more of Old Oshur than I did. Maybe if we're lucky SOE will throw another Old Oshur event before PS1 dies and we can all enjoy fighting on that cont under better circumstances.
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