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Re: Joining the PS2 Team

Woa... I don't know what to say... I am both very happy, relieved, grateful and glad for you !

Planetside ! You will work on one of the games that I enjoyed the most in my life for so many years and you know and understand us !

I am very very happy for you. You were part of the very dedicated and you are part of it now !

You have known footzerg, small outfit leadership, large outfit leadership, CR5 leadership, from beginning to finish ! You have given so much thought for it !!!

I am relieved ! I am grateful ! This gives me a lot of confidence that someone who understood PS1 and got to feel how it ebbed-and-flowed is part of the team.

I would almost say I am envious but that would not be true: I do not have the skills and would not want to face the rabid fans. I'd rather be rabid.

Malorn, godspeed ! I wish you success in the PS2 team, with the PS2 team and hope you will make PS2 the great game it aspires to be !

Best news I've heard lately !!!

EDIT: I'll start with the questions, do you think there is currently an issue with the flow of combat/battles/strategy in PS2 ? Would you have some leads in way to fixing it ? Will you help to work on the public (i.e. empire) command structures ? Outfit tools ?

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