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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

p0intman, I was thinking of you when I read about this. You were right. You were absolutely right. You talked about this all the way back during the beta on the official forums. I remember.

Planetside 2 being betatested for the PS4 is probably the lowest problem on the ladder in terms of SOEs screwups. I hope Smed is happy with his MLG pushing and public #chestbanging over twitter like some fool. Now we're supposed to believe they can maintain EQ/EQ2/Landmark/EQNext/PS1/PS2/DC: U without Sony?

Everyone's either been kicked off the ship or quit, except Smed's got his golden parachute lined up considering he picked the buyer who wouldn't kick him out of his comfy chair. Thanks, $med. I'll bet anyone $100 that he's going to abandon ship too within the next year or two, as soon as he gets his payout so he can retire.

Also, I like how Higby said his heartfelt goodbyes on Reddit. You know, instead of the official forums. Like he did with everything else.

One bit of good news though. We get to read in on all the juicy stuff via reviews by those just laid off:

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