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Why I quit PS1

I like playing support, cause playing frontal assault can get boring after a while.

My favorite unit in PS1 was the AMS. I liked scouting ahead, then setting up an AMS and defending it with mines and spitfires. While the CR5's were playing Rommel wannabe's I was out there setting up spawn points and actually directing the flow of the battle. Each player that spawned on my AMS was my little chess piece.

AMS kept getting OS'ed.


I also liked playing anti-mine grenadier. I'd load up my rifle with EMP grenades (forgot the name of common rifle but it had a grenade launcher). When assaulting gates, usually the courtyard was full of mines, and I could simultaneously engage enemy infantry and take out mines with EMP grenades. It was a slow process but It still worked fine and I liked it.

Eventually everyone got CR and they just OS EMP the courtyard in every battle. So that playstyle was obsolete.


I also liked using delaying tactics. My last memory of playing PS1:

I decided to guard a back door from an attack. I strategically placed one mine behind each tree, so if an enemy were to take cover behind a tree opposite of where I placed myself, they would step on a mine. Then I'd put spitfires up in a crossfire pattern on the other side of trees facing me. Took me 10 minutes to setup and plan. It wasn't a very lethal setup, it was designed to slow the enemy down from accessing the back door. I place myself into defensive position.

15 minutes later a truck full of 5 enemies pulls up, they all hop out and I start shooting at them. They all take cover behind a tree, I hear 2 mines go off and grin a little. Nobody gets killed, but that's not my goal, my goal is to slow them down. I keep taking potshots at them, and I hear some of my spitfire turrets go off, and they destroy a couple of my spitfires.

Still no enemies dead, but that's not my goal, my goal is to delay them. They could have flanked my position and killed me, since my setup was pretty much at a 90 degree angle in between the trees and the back door. That was my weakness.

I delay them for a good 90 seconds until an EMP OS goes off and destroys everything. I exit the game and unsubscribe.


This an anti-OS topic? Not really. I am interested in tactics, counter tactics, counter-counter tactics, counter-counter-counter tactics, counter-counter-counter-counter tactics... OS reduces tactics, it simplifies the game, it dumbs it down. I am against reducing tactics, like spawning on top of the squad leader (yuck).


This isn't about PS1, it's about Tactics and dumbing down PS2.

I can't really give PS2 examples since it's not a released game.

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