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Re: WDS is finally not ridiculous

Originally Posted by ChipMHazard View Post
One funny thing about the WDS is that you're now punished for focusing on alerts that do not take place on Indar, in the sense that the new rules reward fighting on a populated continent.
If enough players leave indar to fight for the alert then it is the alert continent that gains the point value, not Indar.

This is why we added the ability to award points for winning alerts. We haven't enabled it yet due to negative stigma and culture that has developed around Alerts, and because we need to see the scoring results so we can come up with a good value for them.

To correct this problem we want to make sure Alerts are worth enough that if you avoid them you are handing a lot of points to another empire, and if you attend and lose you are at least earning a lot of points due to enemy population shift to the Alert continent.
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