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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Hi guys long time no see.

I’ve been playing PS2 off and on, these last couple of months, spending most of my time in ESO. But it’s always good to log on during opps nights and have some fun. Currently I see one of the problems with this game is that it’s not expanding, there spending so much time listening to people whine about balance and base design. And the funny part is most of these guys crying about it want that one shot weapon and the "enemy can only attack from one direction". I personally log on and have a good time, whether it’s getting spawn camped or camping the spawn. Whether its getting the nice shot with my sniper rifle, to get that one shot kill. I think that most of these upset players need to understand it’s how gaming combat is, I mean I really want to see more crying over new vehicles, more continents, and getting the lattice system up so I can use the warp gate instead of having to abandon my vehicle every time we switch continents.

Personally the weapons work fine I have fun when I play, right now I’m just waiting for more vehicles, and more continents and a lattice system that connects the continents, and get rid of these warp gates. Currently I’m BR 100, so certs mean nothing and neither does station cash, it’s just sits there and builds up. I did spend a little on the Valkyrie (or flying coffin) but other than that I still log in once a week to join the guys in some opps hoping something new.

And sometimes when the EU server is sleeping
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