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Ok, read the Sony descriptions again. We have light tanks and medium tanks we do not yet have heavy tanks but I am sure they will come (Games Workshop Dreadnoughts anyone?). My guess is this game is going to get much more dangerous weaponry as it develops. Lots of descriptions mention only light (e.g. fighters) and medium which makes me think the developers will eventually release some much nastier heavy stuff as the game progresses which will require a lot of certs to attain and several people to operate them. Oh and the current anti-vehicle weaponry won't cut-it vs. a slow moving heavy tank so you are gonna need deployable field guns... which can best be taken out by bombers, artillery etc etc. At least I hope that is the way this game is gonna go.

Radar towers have come in the form of motion sensors but due to the LIMITED RANGE.

Radar towers would have much bigger range. I dont know if you ever played Total Annihilation on-line but if you did you would know what I am talking about. Radar and radar jamming plays a huge tactical part particularly once you introduce artillery and other long range weaponry into the game.

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