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Sergeant Major

I don't have the game so some of these things may actually be in the game already but I'd like to see...

1. A railgun
Like in Eraser, it would have an X-Ray scope and could shoot through walls. This would be kinda overpowered so it should be limited to 1 wall max. It would be best used to disable MAXs and other Vehicles. You could use the X-Ray scope to target the driver, and then disable the vehicle by killing the driver (Thus not blowing up a perfectly stealable vehicle ). It would have a very long reload time, and have to reload after each shot. I just think that snipers should have more choice in weapon, and be able to stop MAXs!

2. Those Hot Anti-Missile things
I dunno what they're called, I think Chaff grenades, but when an air vehicle has a lock on, by Terran AA, they could be released by the pilot to lure the missile away (I think it's heat seeking)

3. Motorbikes (I just love mentioning them!)
Extremely Quick, Nimble and available to all armours (Except MAX) the motorbikes could be used in a group (Which is pretty pointless) or used by Combat Medics/Engineers/Snipers who tend to work alone, or have to go quickly from battle to battle. You should be able to look to the left and right and have the ability to shoot a pistol/suppressor, but you wouldn't be able to turn the bike whilst shooting. If you crash, you will recieve a lot of damage and be thrown off the bike.

4. (If not already in game) Flashbangs/Stun Grenades
Like in counter-strike, a blinding flash makes it impossible to see or navigate for a short while

5. Parachute Drops
People with Standard/Agile/Infiltration armour should be able to parachute from galaxies into battle.

Just my ideas!
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