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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Coreldan View Post
That's why "requiring", not requiring

I was mainly referring to that having to have multiple chars to do multiple roles isn't really quite cool either, at least not for that many.
I like it. I would prefer having multiple characters to being able for one character to do everything. This isn't a normal FPS. This is an MMOFPS. Because of that, you need to fill your role better then you could with an FPS. With the old cert system you start to fill the role you liked playing the most because you had to choose what role you liked playing. Sure, you could swap characters, but it wasn't easy and it wasn't necessary. You liked flying, you flew. You liked being infantry, you were infantry. Over time, you could do some other things but not everything. This is much different then allowing everyone to fill any role, just not as well as their main role. Say I am usually an infiltrator and have advancement in that area. But it comes time when the battle would sway to the point that I would be better used if I was a Max. So, I become a max when it was needed. One of the things you are losing is teamwork and a reliance on other players with different styles or specializations. Instead of "We need MAXs at Laka" it will be "Change into MAXs at Laka." You lose some of that tactical element as weell as character development when everyone can do everything.
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