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Re: My main concern about the class system

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This is a really good point. If anyone can switch at any time they'll go with whatever the best class is for the situation. I'd like to hear how they plan on addressing that.
Time-based skill tree training.

Sure, in an indoor fight, everybody will be in the HA role or whatever. But only 4 people out of 20 will be heavily invested in it. So you've got 16 people grunting around at 100-105%, and 4 people grunting around at 115-120%. I'll take that. Especially when you consider that it'll be 4 people grunting at 115%+ HA, 3 people Medicing at 115%+, 2 people Engineering at 115%+, one or two people Commanding at 115%+, 2 people in MAX suits at 115%+, and then the remaining 8 people (who are heavily invested in vehicles and piloting) HA grunting at 105%.

Honestly? I like this better than a restrictive number of certs in old-school PS1 days. Because now, my whole two-squad platoon is working together inside, instead of the tank driver(s) and his gunners sitting in the courtyard while the reaver pilot(s) just roam all over the damn place because they weren't certed for indoor combat.

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