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Re: My main concern about the class system

There will be the level of flexibility you fear, but not everyone will be fighting on equal terms. One guy may be going heavy weapons, but he has no training in their use, where as the other guy has been focusing almost solely on heavy weapons, so he's just plain better with all of his customization options.

Also, if your side is bringing in a fleet of reavers, and you expect the other side to bring AV out the wazoo to counter it, grab a damn sniper rifle/machine gun and pick them off. If one side fails to cover for an allies weakness, they will fail. The class numbers will balance themselves out naturally or the lemmings will suffer defeat after miserable defeat. PS2 won't just be a simple game of rock, paper, scissors, it will be a game where you have to play your rock, paper, and scissors correctly against the other guy's rock, paper, and scissors or you will lose. Expect a lot of players dedicated to their role as there will likely more often than not always be a situation where they're needed.

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