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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by DviddLeff View Post
I'm hoping that you can't have it; with it you are too versatile and independent which is what the devs seem to be putting in the class system to restrict.

The point of this thread is that I am worried about PS2 being too restrictive, making you pick only one of those 4 roles in any life. I want a mid point; one where you can have a support tool (eg medic or engy), but also a particular weapon (eg HA or AV), while having a certain armour (eg Agile or Rexo).
"You're too independent"
*Bags constantly squaded with 4 - 5+ people back in the day*

You were saying?

And if we limit certs where I cannot have any vehicles, hacking, or improved certs I DO NOT SEE WHAT IS WRONG WITH HAVING HA / AV / MED / ENG. I am a self-sustaining indoor grunt. Okay, now I need transportation. I need people to hack doors for me. I'm mildly effective at outdoor combat. I can benefit from a heavily specc'd medic.

Where is the problem? Where is the elimination of teamwork? There's no need for a class system when their old system worked fine.

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