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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Bags View Post
And if we limit certs where I cannot have any vehicles, hacking, or improved certs I DO NOT SEE WHAT IS WRONG WITH HAVING HA / AV / MED / ENG. I am a self-sustaining indoor grunt.
Y'see, THAT's the problem. No one is supposed to be completely self-sustaining in any one role. To some degree maybe you can make a recovery in between fire fights, but you'll want someone dedicated to healing you and someone else dedicated to patching up your armor for any real foray into enemy territory.

They also want everyone to have some form of quick transportation from fight to fight, though with the front line being where ever your forces are clashing with the enemy, as opposed to simply within the sphere of influence around a base or tower, vehicle transportation seems only necessary for getting to a battle once, then following through until you're ready to log off.
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