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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by ShowNoMercy View Post
Thats what makes eve so crappy and PS1 so good. The skill gap between a PS1 newb and vet is simply a matter of in game play time and experience. The gap between an eve newb and vet depends on how far apart they started playing and will always exist.
Newb: I shot you plentiful times, Veteran. How is it your body does not lay at my feet?!

Vet: I had Personal Shield, defenseless newbie. It drains my stamina instead of my mortality, so that I might survive to fight another day!

Newb: How might I obtain such a mighty tool, oh distinguished Veteran of war?

Vet: From the depositories that imbue super powers at battle ranks 6, 12 and 18!

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