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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Baron View Post
I believe devs also said that no matter what, the maximum difference between a BR Awesome veteran and a guy logging in for the first time will be 15%-20%.

To me this is more balanced than it is now, with free REXO / 3 implant slots / etc... I love the fact that a BR1 can engage and possible win against a BR40, I don't think the devs will mess with that success chance very much.
So you dont think there will be goodies along the tree that award benefits like implants in PS1? the devs only made comment to the overall dmg output. There could still be skills later up the tree that make things unbalanced in a vet's favor.

Additionally, In PS1 you could play for 6months and get br25 pretty easy. In PS2 I fear that no matter how long I play, if i started a year behind you I will always be a year behind you in skills.
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