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Re: My main concern about the class system

Uh no... but that's my opinion, as is yours for you. I'd rather they restrict what certs I can bring with me at any given moment instead demand I log out and back in with a new character.

They want to encourage teamwork. As for your argument to reduce cert points just like in the "good ol' days" here's the original 23 cert point cap allocation:

Med-assault: 2
Med-app: 3
Engineer: 3
Heavy-A: 4
A-Vehicle: 3
Rexo : 3
ATV : 2 (it seriously used to be 2 certs for just one variant)

There was more than enough room (3 whole points!) to spare back then for another weapon cert, or even 1 of many vehicles, or even enhancing a support role. Clearly, all these "extra" certs aren't the problem. They never were. They just allow more free-form choice without having to roll an alt. There was always enough to pull off the basic grunt setup we see today and still get around in a bloody reaver/MBT if you so chose. The restriction you're asking for, we'll be looking at 10-12 cert points tops for everybody, then they can either decert/recert or roll an alt to experience other roles.

I can't imagine that will turn out well in the long term.
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