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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
If your infantry can't take on MAXs and infantry at the same time
At the same time in that post meant using the same cert build and without having to visit a terminal. Back in beta, when the cert tree were very restrictive and nobody was br18, players had to specialize. You'd get medics with some MA and Agile (you had to buy it) or pilots or tankers or HA users or hackers or... Now you get ha/av/eng/ do-all character. The game was reduced form a multitude of specializations to two. Indoor and Outdoor. Everything else is irrelevant or you're intentionally gimping yourself.

PS2, form every indication, will somewhere between BF2142 and EVE. Everyone will be able to perform every basic role at a basic level. Say in 2142 if you spent a lot of time in Engineer you could do all the fancy Engi tricks but if your certs were irrelevant you could still change to Assault or Support, untrained, and roll in with your buddies. From the dev panel, PS2 will be similar in a skilling standpoint. And, hopefuly, the trees will be time-intensive enough to make specializing in medic or hacker or transport actually mean something because, right now in PS1, those specializations don't exist anymore.

As anyone who has -actually- played EVE can confirm, new players can get up to 90% operating capacity in a wide variety of boats in short order. The specialist boats take much more time and that time limits your ability to do other things. PS2 seems to be taking a similar tack. Everyone will be functional indoors or out but if you want to do anything well or use anything fancy (see: example of MAX as an offshoot of HA) then you'll have to invest time and your supersoldier potential will decrease accordingly. Unless they totally screw up the xp curve, nobody will ever be able to do everything and specialists will actually be important this time around.
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