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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by exLupo View Post
. You'd get medics with some MA and Agile (you had to buy it) or pilots or tankers or HA users or hackers or... Now you get ha/av/eng/ do-all character. The game was reduced form a multitude of specializations to two. Indoor and Outdoor.
basic med and eng is not a specialisation, ADV med CE and adv hacker are what i would term specialisations and you couldn't pick up those while still having all the main grunting certs (excluding when they fucked up the br cap)

and tbh that made for good game play, i personally had myself pure grunt at br 20, i used to have to drive an atv around since i couldn't afford a mossie :P and when we did organised outfit stuff i dropped my AV for adv med, and others drops certs for what they needed for the night.

If only the med can heal people then the grunt will effectivly be dead, because without a shadow of a doubt a med with a MA will be a better killer than a grunt with HA who can't heal himself

MA/ENG HA AV is not a super soldier it's a basic grunt
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