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Re: Communication and teamwork within veichals

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
Things I would enjoy:

-A 360 view for the driver so he can keep an eye out for other targets, in case the gunner is too fixated.

-A gunner to be able to give driving suggestions to the driver using the WASD keys. For example, pressing W would pop a small suggestion up on the drivers view to go forward. Pressing A would suggest turning left. This would aid in fast feedback so the driver can position the vehicle properly for the gunner.

-A spot command that announces a vehicle using a voice macro. "Incoming Reaver, 3 o'clock, 400 yards!"
No to the 360 degree radius as thats kinda like third person for the grunts.

suggestions on where to go should be there to a point. I dont wanna see a W flash on my screen. this should all be done easily with the new voice chat. Also the gunner shouldnt have to do this and should be more of a role for a TC. So tanks should be three spots: driver, gunner, tc.
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