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Re: A plea regarding bases, towers, and bunkers

Originally Posted by Bags View Post
How the hell are we supposed to assault a base with no cover? Fun gameplay > realism every damn time.

Can we PLEASE put some thoughts into our ideas before posting them?
Two words: Ground transport.

And he never asked for no cover at all. Just that the immediate area around bases be cleared of natural obstacles like trees and boulders. And I agree with the OP. At least to some extent re: trees. In PS1 there are a few bases that have trees growing just a few feet away from a wall turret. Take Kaang for example, There's a grove of trees in the NW corner that makes the NW wall turret all but worthless. Talk about stupid base planning....

RE: other cover, I'm okay with boulders being strewn about, and I'm hoping/expecting there will be trenches, bunkers, pill boxes, etc present in the areas around bases that infantry can use to find cover.

In short, nerf da treez!
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