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Re: Should aircraft be able to see infantry on radar?

In Planetside you could only see Infantry on your radar because they were eaither
A: Infront of you, so technically your Line of Sight put them on your radar.
B: Your Squadmates see them, so they come up on Radar.
C: Interlink/Friendly Motion Tracker
D: The mosquito had a special Overflight radar that detected enemies below it when you were at like... 25% throttle.

None of the other aircraft had the ability to see infantry on Radar innately. It was just how the Radar mechanic worked in general through Infantry, Land and Air vehicles.

I think if this stays it will remain fine. With the possibility of the Reaver/Mossie/Scythe getting Overflight as a customization/utility slot ability that they have to sacrifice something else to get.

I also agree on some kind of hand-held AA weapon. The Rocklet was sweet for mopping up weakened or farming aircav, but perhaps something like a Jammer for Air? So that infantry have an equal chance against Aircav and Armor. Maybe instead of Jammers having a 3 second detonation, it could have an Airburst as its secondary like Flak. (assuming Jammers still are in and work the same or similarly.)
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