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Re: NC already have the buff

Originally Posted by PlaceboCyanide View Post
An unbalanced game is a soon to be unpopular game. SOE knows this, they will strive to balance the game the best they can. I think they're doing a good job so far sticking to the balance of PS1. Will NC have harder hitting weapons and more armor? yes, but that is only part of the story. Not everything can be put in a bar graph at this point in time of development. Maybe we'll see that NC come up short when it comes to their AOE weapons -- where the Vanu will shine... and will carry less ammo and be empty long before the Terrans.

tl;dr - Wait until beta before you judge too harshly

It's a quotation from a dev, not my supposition.

PS1 lost a lot of players precisely because it became unbalanced. The NC voice complaining about the lasher absolutely was an example of braying hard enough for long enough to get what you want. The schisms that caused in PS1.

Hence my point inquiring from devs - i.e. hoping they will put the comment in context.

Whether one calls it a buff or OP the outcome is the same in such an instance Malorn.

I repeat that it was a dev's comment about "harder hitting weapons" - I have every right to query that comment, precisely as it implies a relatively greater advantage.

So let the dev give the context, explain factoring if he may. But don't deny the right to query it as a buff / OP weapon if that is a reasonable conclusion to draw from a dev's stated comment.

Thank you Erendil, that seems nicely reducted and explanative.

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