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Re: NC already have the buff

Originally Posted by Saieno View Post
I'm not actually quoting anything specific but I noticed your signature and finally thought I would say something lol.

Because it's a Magrider and how they move, you would have full 360 degree rotation already because of the hovering mechanic. Moving the main turret up would just make it look awkward in my opinion. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to look one way and travel in another without a problem like the other tanks do, it'll just look a bit different from the outside perspective.

To kinda keep this on topic, I like your colored chart you made
RE: the Mag, yep, you're right that the hover allows it to rotate the whole tank like a turret would. But it needs to be able to do so fast enough to be comparable to Vannie/Prowler turret. And it also needs to be able to strafe and move in reverse at about the same speed it can move forward otherwise it'll be at a disadvantage when flanking, strafing past opponents, and retreating.

Since the Mag is the VS's primary ground assault vehicle, if the Devs don't design it to compensate well enough for the fixed cannon it could severely gimp the entire empire. But I have confidence that they can build the Mag to be a fairly competitive MBT using a fixed-forward cannon. My sig is there as much to keep the issue in everyone's mind as it is to show my own personal preference for its design. I get quite a number of comments about it, which tells me my ploy is working.

Oh, and thanks on the chart compliment.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
You should really use High/Med/Low because the A/B/C grade implies how good something is. "A" in recoil is not good; it's bad. It was confusing to me looking at the TR/NC because they appeared to be incorrect - they weren't its just the A/B/C thing wasn't a good mapping.
Actually I chose A/B/C specifically because it gives you a quality/desirability rating and tells you how good it is. So "A" in recoil means it has the most desirable amount of recoil - i.e. the least amount of recoil and most controllable by the firer.

Using "High" was what the PCGUK article did and it caused more confusion among people on these boards. The article's graph had high/medium/low corresponding to the colors red/orange/yellow. So for example it showed the NC having "high/red" damage per shot, but it also showed the VS had "high/red" recoil.

That was confusing for many because we know from other sources that NC have the highest damage per shot which corresponds with the high/red setting, but the VS have the least amount of recoil, but yet the graph said it was "high." But what is "high" recoil? Does it mean it has a high amount of recoil? Or that it's "high" quality of recoil - i.e. not very much?

That made people wonder for every setting if "high" meant "a high amount of" or if it meant "high quality."

The values of High/Med/Low can be easily interpreted to mean either a quantitative measurement of amplitude or a qualitative one of desirability, and the PCGUK graph used those meanings interchangeably. OTOH Grades A/B/C for most people generally mean only qualitative desirability, so there's less room for misinterpretation.

EDIT: incidentally, which TR/NC values on my graph appeared to be incorrect for you? Was it recoil or something else?
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