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Re: Our Lovely TSA strikes again

So a woman writes a facebook post about something that supposedly happened in Kansas...which is picked up by a UK news source....and you guys believe it?

I looked around and can't find anything about this incident on any other news source. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC...Nothing.

If the TSA had made a little girl this hysterical that she's having night terrors...don't you think ANY news source along with the daily mall would have reported about it?

If someone can find another source I will gladly eat my hat.

EDIT: I am now eating my hat. Found it on FOX and MSNBC.

With that being said...I'm not entirely sure I believe this story 100%. I would need to see video footage of the security tapes...which they are apparently getting...they also include audio. I will reserve judgement until I see them.

Link to Fox News Story

Link to MSNBC News Story
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