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Talking Free-to-use forum signatures (template included)

Here are some forum signatures I've made for you all to use on PSU, and to help promote Planetside 2 in any other communities you might be a member of. This is just my small way of helping spread the good word about PS2!

Happy to take requests if you supply an uncropped, high-resolution photo. Or, if you like, you can make your own using the Photoshop template file attached!


Use these to add your own text/image.

Vanu Logo on right:
Vanu Logo on left:

TR Logo on right:
TR Logo on left:

NC Logo on right:
NC logo on left:

- Font included. (Install first)
- Each faction is in a different layer/folder. Only display the folder of the faction you want and hide the others.
- Remember to export as .PNG for the transparent edges!
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