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Re: Here are some faction-specific forum signatures I've made to help promote PS2 in

Originally Posted by Pozidriv View Post
Quite nice i must say! Gotta love the dynamic pose for the VS sig . Personally i think you should zoom the TR max a bit closer, it kinda falls in the backround a bit, somewhat same for the NC but not as much, the posing "feels" better for NC.
Thanks for the feedback Pozidriv. I'll look into it. It's always a pain working on it in full screen detail and then compressing it to something so small.

Just realised my (unwieldy) title got cut off too. That'll teach me from Copying and Pasting my post from Reddit!.

Lastly, here is another bonus one I made a few days ago. A bit more generic and Transformers-y. Also omits VS (sorry!).

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