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Depends. In which time period?

Option A: During Roman times: religion would have been trapped by indigenous tribes in the jungle. We'd probably still worship Wodan.

Option B: During Incan times: he'd probably have been sacrificed to Quetzecoatl or some other local deity, or at the very least enslaved for the good of the empire. And if not that, he'd probably DEMAND sacrifices done the RIGHT way. >.> We'd probably still worship Wodan.

Option C: After arrival and conquests by the Spanish? Depends, as a local or as European immigrant? As the first: Would be burned by inquisitors or die of some European flue if indigenous. Would otherwise reform the Spanish Pantheon paganism (neither Christianity nor Islam would have existed and **** would have remained a populace without a nation of their own after the Assyrians stormed in).

Any options I missed?
E: The lack of Jesus would have little consequence, since another religion would just rise to the top and claim monopoly on the truth.
The history of the Christian church shows quite nicely how the message is adapted to the goals of those in power. It would have worked just the same if The Flying Spaghetti Monster had been the front figure.
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