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Perhaps you guys can clear up some conceptions I have about the situation:
I believe every human should be able to freely elect the leaders of their own local, regional, and national government. I also believe that restriction of this or other basic freedoms (many of which are listed in the U.S. Constitution, for reference) is grounds for violent revolution.
Why aren't you revolting then?

You don't have any control over who you elect, you don't elect people if you lose an election, who then elect people using your vote to elect someone else using your vote and if you're in an area with a bigger populace, your vote counts for far less than anywhere else.


Oh, no, it's not. Not by a longshot. Long live the illusion of democracy of the electoral system.

To the topic; I'm under the impression that some people in Israeli-controlled territory are under voting, movement, property ownership, congregation, or other restrictions of rights. This may or may not be the case. However, were I in such a situation, I'd gladly support any violent effort to subvert this condition, including terrorism against civilian targets.

So fill me in on the details. If I were born in Israeli controlled territory to the "wrong" parents, would I be preparing for a glorious death, bathed in the blood of my enemies... or have I got the facts wrong here?
Gladly terrorise civilian targets? I thought you wanted to revolt against the government?
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