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And my question isn't as cut and dried as you make out. During gameplay your character constantly needs to authenticate with the server in order to update, save progress, track kills, make sure you're still logged in etc. The key is whether or not that is done via SOE or by Pro7 for European gamers. If that authentication is performed by Pro7 then it will increase your ping to US servers. I asked this question on page 1 - it still hasn't been adequately answered.
Just a guess here but i am almost 100% sure game and auth server are seperate. When you play there is no check with the auth server.
So you log in via Pro7 and then you are handed over to the game server you chose on which all your data is stored.
So you are directly connected to the game server so you get the ping to the server you are playing on. There is no routing through the auth server.
Just look at other mmos. There were cases where the auth servers were
down but people on the game servers could still play.

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