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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Gladly terrorise civilian targets? I thought you wanted to revolt against the government?
But how?
If you have no Offer how, don't lament over what Solutions someone is going to find.

Jeah, sounds e~eevil, true? But hey, nobody has a Monopole on Violence. " No~body ".

Some People act overstrained with how to think over the following Sentence, but...

'That' does count for Governments, "TOO" ... ... even a certain Government who rules in Israel.

I can only repeat myself over and over: "One Day, it may "bangs" loud... ",
and then, "everyone" is going to whine, to cry - and to complain... ...

And then: No "sane" Person in the World will act shocked or heartstricken...

Why? Because everyone knew, someday, m~aaaybe all the Terror, Violence and Crimes towards the Palestinian People and everyone else who gets insulted and/or assaulted by Fascists who try to hide behind the Flag and Nation of Israel,

m~aaaybe this will let follow a severe, ugly Punishment by some hatefilled Fanatics,
who came from somewhere, got a Weapon of Mass Destruction from somewhere,

and have somehow managed to set it up near enough to create massive Damage in Israel.

And then, "People like me" ( <--- lawl i like that stupid Line ) will say:

" See? We told you, Year's long! We even got insulted as Na*i's sometimes... !"

And then, nothing is important. Nothing is important - if someone is guilty or not - if someone is evil or not - if "some Site is more wrong or right than the other",

then, only one thing Matters:

And that is, that endless, infinite Warmongering, Violence, ugly Crimes, Aggression and "Human Rancidness" have resulted in the probably all expected Consequence: A rare, unsightly Peak of Escalation...

And then, all the stupid People will try to "pop up again", trying to whine loudly with the boring Line "aka" :
" But we/Israel/who'ever was only always defending themself/ourselves/"yxz" ... !"

And People like me will respone:

" N~o' ... ... you are now whining and complaining because 'You' thought it would always continue this Way, without "the other Site" or who'ever successfully fighting back and the Violence always flowing only in One Direction for the most Part,

because you thought that "one Side" is superior and would never get ugly Consequences at all no Matter how much Calamity and negative Karma would get spread... !"

Well, of Course i would or WILL be in Cover before saying this, if you understand...

When i say this, i want to emphasize that this Scenario written from my Imagination,

well, umm - i expect it "someday - or Never " - to happen.
I write this only for the annoying " What if it would "-Case/Possibility.

So that -- for the rare Case that it interests someone -- someone/everyone here can read how i would react.

By the Way, i want to say this, too,
we may ALL know this very well - but in this kind of ugly Conflict, it's best to stay out,

and take no Site for whatever the Reason, ever...

Because it just isn't important at all of "who started it", or "who is right and who is wrong",

in the End - it only counts that EVERYONE is wrong" who is and act's just like an A**ho** ... ... ... and is nothing but a sore Idiot who wants to see many People on one Side angered, insulted, "domineered" by who'ever the pathetic Bully would be,

and well, umm - " Sorry ". The stronger Site is always the one more responsible and in the wrong, if she doesn't stop the Conflict with as much Effort as possible.

Jeah, s~ooo Sorry, or not? "Israel" doesn't look to well in this and will likely never be.

I could continue this Post for annoyingly many Line's, but everything important is said.

For "whoever" is trying to defend a Government who is obviously acting like a Terrorist-Organisation,
or is in other Word's, "satisfied" as how Things are and wants everything to continue this Way,
'cause he or she doesn't like Muslim People or Stuff, - i advise to pray v~eeery much with all his or her's spiritual Strength...

That " Godfather Coincidence " is not in the Mood to be a lousy Bi*** - and will never be.

Like in the Mood of some really dangerous and pissed off People to get one or several, really dangerous Weapon's into their Hands and successful set them up in the Near of the Country Borderline or Israel - or even within the Country.

'cause this People -- well can all guess -- have no Fear, give a Sh** on their own Life's -- fear no Revenge or what'so'ever -- and are so freakin' filled up with Hatred, that "reasoning" with them is just as impossible that it is with the People from the israeli Government.

We can "just" sit there and hope that no One will ever set up a really h~uge "Bang",
'cause we all know - that then, the "Warmonger-Bit**es" will pop up...

And try to annoy and pester us for the next XX Year's to start a third WorldWar,
this Time against the arabian World and maybe some other People...

One of these " Bi***s " will hopefully not get elected as the next american President...
I hope for Obama, again. He hasn't even repaired most of the Damage that Bush has fabricated...

... ... and there is already the next Imbecil on the Start and trying to make Things worse, again.

greetings, LV.

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