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Ways to cope!

I'm a hopeful fan of PS2 who snagged a key from twitter some weeks back, but I know that I'm a low priority and I don't care QUITE enough to have subscribed back to PS1 just to get in. So I'm likely gonna have a few more weeks of playing OTHER games and checking my email.

I started with Counterstrike: GO, getting my tactical shooter on, but as that wears down, I've decided to try some of SOE's newer games -- and maybe even spend a day playing EQ1.

Unfortunately my huge first world problem of not being in PS2 has pretty much overtaken my ability to focus on other titles. I launched DCUO, but within a few minutes found myself creating this supervillain, aptly named "Vanu Commander".

Anyone wanna roll up a TR MAX unit hero and brawl with me? :P

How are you coping?
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