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Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
Sure, but why is the "OSK" part of it significant? The TTK in this game is so incredibly low that there's almost no difference between a one-shot kill and simply being shot to death, in most cases.
You never over-simplify things, do you?

Instant death (coming from all directions) means there's no actual dueling time, at all.

Do you remember how much people enjoyed the Flail in PS1?

People expect a kill on them to take effort. Skill. If all it takes is you popping your head out for a second, then they don't perceive this as skill, but as the game doing the killing for you(r opponent). Thus it's boring.

There is no chance for tension to built up. No chance for adrenaline to start pumping. When I was in a firefight in PS1, my blood was pumping, I was using my brain to seek the best cover, the best timing. Every option to turn it into a win in those few seconds you got.

If you get no seconds, that entire process is just not there, you just sit there "oh". And people don't like to just sit somewhere going "oh" and having to run all the way to somewhere distant (say up a 240m cliff) again, just to be instantly killed, again. It's boring.

So what you need to do, is ensure people, even those new to the game get into firefights that last long enough for them to feel they've done something or had a chance to do something.

Who enters a lottery where you know you're probably going to lose?
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