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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

One thing i never understood and it really hit me again when i was watching angry joe and friends "getting their shit pushed back in" on hossin; Why aren't resources global?

Because imo the best way to go about resources is to make the amount of territory matter (like the old system but unlike the current one), but have it global so you can't get "starved" on one continent and have to go elsewhere to resupply. One would think this would be obvious and really easy to implement.

As for basically selling more frequent access to tanks/air/maxes via resource boosts/membership, well...atm it doesn't seem to matter since it's "Phase-one-side" all over again. But once the resource system works properly i see this as a much more slippery slope than selling attachments, guns or implants.
After all, with this new system you can no longer affect your resource gain by your personal performance. Boosts are the only way to do that now. Not particulary good.

And please don't come up with this "SOE has to make money" BS, that is pretty much a bad joke by now.
Where is my purple fro, my selection of different character and face models, my server/name/sex change tokens or any other form of basic merchandising hm?
As long as i don't see any of that i call BS on any "Oh us poor, poor SOE, we just can't help but put price tags on game mechanics to survive" excuses. They are just fucking lazy when it comes to monetization, probably in no small part due to the godawful "rush it rush it" way of developing this game, but that is their problem and the dead horse continuing to rear its ugly, dead head since they announced their silly 20th november 2012 release date.
It's the gift that keeps on giving, we also owe "Phase-one-side" to it.

Maybe they will actually learn the lesson behind this for future projects, but i have my doubts about that.
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