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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
What claim have I made that you want me to provide data for? Asking me for evidence without specifying what claim you want me to substantiate makes it look like you don't actually understand what those concepts mean.

My criteria for objective is "backed up with empirical evidence".
You had zero argument whatsoever from the start. I made a long argument/point with 5 examples. You came up with a nonargument to coax me to argue with myself, without you providing any counterargument or counterexample. This is a common trap, trickery and logical fallacy that's took me a couple seconds to see (there's even a term for this, but it escape me atm).

So I simply turned around these 'sources' and 'data' question of yours to show that these phantom 'source' or 'data' is no reason for rebuttal since that would mean I would be just debating myself.

I gave you these two easy outs and yet you still want to weasel out of it by accusing me of being not 'objective'. But I know that's another bluff since it would be impossible for you to list a criteria of being objective without proving me right or proving yourself wrong.

Do you really expect me to compare and contrast my points to these unrealistic, nonexistent 'sources' and 'data'? You've foisted up these psuedo-strawmen argument yourself in the first place, that's because you have no conterarguments or counterexamples at all.
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