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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

And yet another fresh example to show the pattern I've been arguing for:

6) Adversarial Alert replaces the old Free-For-All Alert - The old alert system was fine and stable since it was implemented last year. The current Adversarial alert - already calibrated to 51% trigger with 65% to win for the attacker and 50% for defenders - is just plain boring. It's like there's nothing is going on at all.

There is literally no push and pull action going on. There's no sense of urgency belying its own title: Alert!

Gone are the last minute pushes and resecures. Gone are the match-changing base linebreaks. Gone are the poking and parrying.

The old Alerts were the source of exciting gameplay amidst 3 factions. The new Adversarial alert is a source of yawns.

The old Alerts weren't broken. They 'fixed' it and now we got these senseless alerts that doesn't rise above the normal gameplay that it's supposed to enhance.
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