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Just to correct you here, US is by FAR the richest country. None of this per capita basis to fudge the numbers to small rinky dinky countries.

You want an example of fudging numbers?

"We got 300 million moneys! We also got 300 million peoples! Nobody else has 300 million moneys, so we are the wealthiest country in the world!"

That's simplistic thinking. You may have BY FAR a bigger sum of money, but also BY FAR a much larger amount of citizens than most smaller nations. SO OF COURSE you have a bigger sum. That doesn't actually say anything about wealth or prosperity! It's the wrong number to look at and it's obscuring reality!

Here is your reality check:

If you want to claim that - as a populace - you are the most prosperous, then you look at a per capita basis.


rinky dinky definition

And Wildguns wonders why Americans are not always equally appreciated everywhere. >_>

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