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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Oh right, I forgot there's a country in the EU that didn't adopt the EU's currency. I'm an American, I don't easily recognize foreign currency because I never need to use it.

It doesn't change much. 7880 per student - US still spends over 50% more on education per-student.
8478 per student and its 40.6% more. It would be great to spend more on education but the current government is penny pinching due to the moron bankers.

There's plenty of financial aid options in the US for people from poor backgrounds. They're grants, scholarships, and loans with really good rates. Hell they have an easier time than middle-class people (because they don't qualify for most of those).

In the US the best way you can get an education is to be a poor minority - everything is paid for you. White middle class is the one that usually has to take out the loans.
But there is no standard method of everyone getting an equal opportunity to get further education. They have to rely on their parents, beg for scholarships/loans or self fund their education by getting a job and that impacts academic score because your working and not studying.
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