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Re: Toxin Raiders (VS - PS2)


On the Toxin forums I am GregSJ. Goyo is short for Gregorio, a nickname of mine. I believe I used to be registered at your forums with the name Spif or Spiflicated. The games I played with you were quite a while ago. LotRO, 9Dragons, AA, and I forgot what else.

They should open the beta for PS2 already. I have a serious itch to play it.

I have been playing a really cool space based pvp game named Black Prophecy. Unfortunately, it isn't polished so it does have a lot of bugs/glitches. It does have awesomely good pvp though so that is enough to keep me coming back for more.

I was hanging out on your teamspeak server for the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event. The game looks very good but I fear like most mmorpgs it will require too much time and feel like a second job.

See ya when they open the Planet Side 2 doors!


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