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Re: Slavery IS Legal in America

Originally Posted by SniperSteve View Post
People in prison should not have it nice, IMO.
Why? People always advocate for harsh conditions for prisoners, but nobody ever has a good reason why that should be the case beyond "they are prisoners, fuck them", which is infantile. Compare the brutal, draconian American prisons to the almost college dorm-like Norwegian prisons. Then compare their results. Despite having prisons which do not torture and dehumanize prisoners, Norway's prisons get far, far better results than American prisons, where sheriffs and politicians brag about how tough they are in crime by pointing to the horrible conditions and long sentences they force prisoners to endure.

Harsh punishment and long sentences do not create well-adjusted citizens out of inmates. Prisons should be as nice as they need to be to ensure that rehabilitation is possible. Once you forget that the whole point of prison is to correct harmful behaviours if possible, you become a tyrant.

Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
Labor is crucial to rehabilitation and many prisoners actually like having something to do, it makes them feel useful.
Optional work programs that are designed to teach inmates useful skills and work ethic in such a way as to not devalue the labour of free people working in a particular industry is fine. Compelled labour meant to earn a profit for the company running the prison is not fine.
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