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Re: Slavery IS Legal in America

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So because I believe that someone who rapes and molests 6 year olds is basically scum of the earth and not deserving of redemption, my opinion is shitty? Please tell me more.
Someone convicted of multiple rapes involving minors could be incarcerated for life depending on the circumstances and the place they live. Such people would be considered by the court to be beyond redemption. I don't really care about discussing the appropriateness of rape punishments. The point I'm making is that people in prison are already in prison. They do not need every luxury taken from them, to live a life of concrete and iron and be fed slop and have meager options for recreation. Prison is not supposed to be torturous, even for people remanded there for their lifetime. Your dumb example conveniently flips from you not giving a shit about the welfare of prisoners to "omg pedophile rapists", though, so you'll forgive me if this seems disjointed I'm sure.

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