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Square Continents........

I've noticed on the PS Wiki that some artwork for Esamir is up, including its map.

I've bitched on here before about Indar's unrealistic shape but I figured it would just be a one-off. Well I've seen Esamir now and it's virtually the same thing (marginally better).

As a general rule of thumb, if you can can roughly draw a square around a large landmass then it looks tacky and amateurish.

This is seriously poor form. The game's graphics are mesmerizing, beyond anything I was expecting. Designing continents should be bread and butter. I figure their shape is designed with gameplay in mind, but that's no reason for the continent to not look exotic.

It feels nit-picky moaning about this, but the continent's design is something so easy to get right at the beginning and yet not even remotely feasible to change drastically once it's released, so the game's stuck with square continents that don't look aesthetic at all.

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