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Re: Community Clash RGQT vs SG

For those who don't know of Sturmgrenadier (SG), we have been participating in the Planetside franchise since before PS1 beta. We initially grew playing in World War II Online, and we've been geared towards large-scale, strategic games ever since then. Presently we have over 700 members split between several Portals (our name for a gaming division).

In the time since our founding, SG has developed a reputation for discipline and respect within the gaming community, which is why you won't see anyone from SG in this thread smack talking or taunting our friends in RageQuit.

Rather than slamming everyone with a wall of text, I'm just going to provide a link to our PSU Wiki page:

And yes, as Baneblade so eloquently mentioned, we operate on membership dues. No freeloaders in SG. Everyone is a member of our community, everyone is expected to behave as an adult, and everyone contributes.
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