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Re: Linda Carlson on Community and Offensive Players

Originally Posted by Tatwi View Post

When one considers that there are more people in one city in China than there in many entire countries, the level of internet censorship in China starts to make a little more sense. For instance, 5,000 workers at a Foxxcon plant had what was basically a bar room brawl over a disagreement between a couple people and a plant security guard. 5,000 people... 5,000! Duking it out over something fairly inconsequential in the long run. That's pretty insane and a practical example of why it's a good idea to minimize needless negativity in large societies - shit can quickly get out of hand! And for what? Property damage and some personal injuries?

In any event, communities should be managed with honesty, integrity, and no shortage of strict frankness; "Suck it up, buttercup. It's not OK to be a dick".
You certainly show up your TR traits here , i think freedom of expression is essential for a healthy society , censorship in china is outrigth discusting , no matters if the authority dont find it ( manageable ) its still agains everything that i beleive on and its outrigth slavely and asking there peoples to shup up and dont say a words its the opposite of whats a healthy society should have ...

peoples in china basically live in the matrix

Anger is part of the human nature and when peoples have a way to express there anger you migth learn something from that anger or from a internet rant , human have whats we call feeling and they arent always nice , i know that , its part of our life

But been able to express our point of view or our feeling or opinions is truely important , bullying or dead threats are unacceptable and should be denonced and condamned ...

censorship ( especially chinease one ) as to be condamned ...


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