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Re: Community Clash RGQT vs SG Recording Posted

the resources are a major problem. i don't think it's really just "a reason to think about how you spend resources." rather, it seriously limits available strategies.

with so few resources available, any MR spent are wasted unless they are spent on a sunderer or saved for a future sunderer. possible exception might be a suicide wraith flash used to C4 an enemy sunderer.

Liberators, already at a disadvantage to skilled ESFs, are further marginalized in this format by AR considerations.

maybe you could see non-pilots preparing load outs and supplying ESFs to pilots, but it seems like a very clunky workaround that puts the team at an even further infantry pop disadvantage.

the format provides for multiple bases to be conquered but the reality of the lattice and the capture time only permits one base battle per "half." so there is no functional difference between this and a standard TDM map in any other game. one of the most important features of planetside 2 is wide scale combat that takes place at novel locations between capture points.

so far this just seems like a generic FPS match with a planetside theme. the only important factors seem to be sunderers and infantry. for some people that may be enough, but it really doesn't capture the scope of planetside 2. if one of the purposes of competitive gaming in PS2 is to increase the playerbase, this type of watered down format is going to be somewhat counter-productive, in that it presents a fraction of the actual experience.

finally, there could be some improvements to the presentation to help the audience feel some dramatic tension in the ebb and flow of the battle. if you don't really have any stakes in either side, or have little experience in the game, hearing the arbitrary scores rattled off seemingly out of nowhere, based on the actions of two dozen scurrying, nameless little toons, doesn't do it on its own. it may take more preparation on the part of the presentation team, and even on the part of the players, but calling out plays by player name and focusing more on "embedded" views where the audience can hear player interactions would go a long way.

also presenting a "shot clock" and a scoreboard would be HUGE for helping the audience follow along. it just isn't tense to hear "the clash point has passed and the score is ##-##," after the fact. we need to know it before it happens so we can feel it coming and get that moment of release when the anticipation breaks and the outcome is known.

that said, good job to everyone involved, congrats to everyone to who participated. despite initial skepticism, and my critical tone above, i enjoyed the stream and look forward to the future of competitive matches in planetside 2.

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