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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by EVILPIG View Post
Stacking is stacking. It doesn't matter if outfits are bringing in players because they play together often. If it's to become the norm to bring in whoever you need, then these matches should not be advertised as "X outfit vs Y outfit" any longer, as they are not true representations of such.
There is 'Stacking' and then there is 'STACKING'.

Every competitive team I know of, 'Stacks' to the greatest extent possible. 'Stacking' can be loosely defined as recruiting the best people possible to create the strongest team possible. In professional sports, this is done via a draft. Every team aims to create the most potent roster possible, stacked with the most talent possible. In Planetside, this is mostly assumed that higher level competitive teams have recruited, if not actively (hey you are good will you join my outfit?), at least passively. (people wanting to join because they are good and you are good, etc.) TGWW had a mix of both over the many months we've been playing as an outfit. There were a handful of people that always played with us, on VS or NC or TR, and were simply not formally added to the outfit. As talks of competitive gameplay came about, we all basically committed to being on the same team. That team turned out to be TGWW.

Then there is 'STACKING', which is the act of creating the most powerful team possible, not over time, not through functional recruiting efforts, but some essentially 'back-room' or 'under-handed' "hey, come join our outfit for a day so you can be a ringer for us". This usually involves knowing all the best people and being 'in good enough' with them that they would be willing to 'go undercover' and join your team in an effort to create an overpowered team for no other purpose than having an overpowered team. This is the type of deceitful roster building that the RCCC rule was aiming to eliminate. This is absolutely not what TGWW has been doing, at all.

NUC has been 'Stacking' for quite some time. They recruit a lot of the best people on Waterson, TR, NC or VS, get them to join NUC as a permanent member. They've got a lot of great players. When NUC played in the RCCC, nobody bitched and moaned about them having recruited a bunch of good people.

We only caught this drama because:

1) Some dudes in MERC and/or TXR were butthurt about a scrim loss, and it's easier to blame someone else than acknowledge reality. To be fair to like 99% of them, this was definitely an exception.
2) We only technically added people to the TGWW outfit at the last minute, in an attempt to make it within what we perceived as some people's inevitably interpretation of the rule. We've all played together for a long time, and have been a competitive group for many many months. We just only recently formalized it by making sure everyone was technically an outfit member.

If you think part 2 is 'STACKING', then I'm sorry you can't come to terms with reality.
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