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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by TorinPS View Post
We did just show up and represent ourselves in the name of fun. Nobody was 'borrowed' from another outfit.

You say you are not directing this at anyone, and asking why we are getting defensive. The answer is, because for the past 24 hours, we've had to defend ourselves against claims made that we are cheating, breaking the rules, etc. It has been clarified by RCCC that we were not, or at least the rule was not meant to be binding like that.

We brought our competitive group to the match under the TGWW tag. Vast majority of people had it, the few that had no outfit, but played with us, we gave them the tag as a formality. Some people saw this as 'STACKING', we see it as playing with people that 'should' have been in the outfit all along.

I personally agree that 'STACKING' is bad. I don't see any issue with 'Stacking' aka Recruiting. If you want to make a competitive outfit, you recruit or accept in, good people. When you have to play competitively, you pick a good, competitive roster. That's all we did, and we got shit for it.
I think its a shame that TGWW and QRY are getting so much flak for this, but it not to be completely unexpected. Had i not played for a month and saw the names of players in the clash, I would have thought "why are there NC and TR playing with TGWW" even though i know those players have alts. Its a natural reaction, but is being followed by overly negative and accusatory responses directed towards a small group of people.

NUC, FTC, DVS, DA etc have been recruiting top talent from other factions and servers since the game started. Good on them. Mattherson top pilots have been forming a community for the last year. Good on them as well.

The larger issues that should be view from this clash are things like: How imbalanced teams negatively affect the play and spectating experience, the potentially imbalanced power of air in 48v48 match ups, the size of the nexus, resource systems in nexus etc.

The thing that concerns me is that, if you look at mattherson for example, all the best pilots are basically a tight knit group, and eventually they will have to choose a team for MLG in theory. The result of all that talent going to one place, is that i can not think of another team on mattherson currently that could field 48 people and compete in the nexus against FTC,NUC etc, without using these same pilots.

When you look at other E-sports, the competitive scene may in fact be made up of 50-150 players spread out on all the teams in the league, and that is for games with very large player bases. PS2 needs 48 people just to make one team. When all the best players decide to play on the same few teams, the reality is that there may be no one left to play against them. Of course this is all theory currently, but that is my greatest concern. When i view DA's stat site and i see that MLG score, i don't get offend or impressed (as others have described their reactions). I see the basis of a salary cap for teams, though i highly doubt anyone will accept that.

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