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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Karzi View Post
TL DR after 3 pages of Merc and the other outfit ( see already forgot the name) of whining "MIMIMIMIMI you brought better pilots" i had enough.
wow , you guys really think that mlg gives a damn about factions? You really think that? Not at all. You think that faction should stop of teams forming up? You really think that?
Not at all. I play with the whales and other air player all over mattherson because i am not bound by a faction to choose to play for , i chose to play for who i want to , doesnt matter if they are vs nc or tr .
And dont try to blame your ass beating on the fact that we brought other piltos in . You kids pulled like 20 to 30 mossies with lock ons , forming an giant air zerg which was no fun at all , getting owned by better pilots and you could have brought in anybody you want , wouldnt have made a difference.

You got beaten by the better players and now you try to cry about it. GG , way to be a competive player.
Here is how MLG is gonna be :
Teams will form up under one Name , a Faction BUT it wont be limited to join from other people of other factions. It would be stupid because as well as in proffesinal sports , there is a player "trading /swapping "between teams , doesnt matter what SOE says , MLG has the last word or there just wont be a competive PS2.
Mlg is not about feeling and "honor" MLG is about the best team fighting the best team , and if you dont like it , dont worry my sponsor " Uninstall wizard" will help you there.
Can you now grew some balls and enjoy your tomcats on your "1337" server? K thanks bai

@RCCC , get somebody on the Reachcast for air commentary , and get a thrid observer cam up for that.
You had 1 for the north side one for the south side , but just for air combats , and well you guys dont understand much from air ( no offense).
There was a situation when there was really good fight going on , but the cam was on 1 TR guy ghost capping a base , while planes blew up above them.

But just dont get MattiAce , kid is a bad pilot who only puts his easy wins on youtube , neither me cause i am rated IAMLASK for insane and most likely a serial killer.
I assume you are one of the many players from the Matherson outfits that participated the other night.

Well we were all given the same rules.10 Beacons allowed,no leaving to go to hossin for resources, outfit members only,and so on and so forth.

We bothered to follow these rules, others shat all over them.

There is no denying the devastating damage the matherson outfits brought to the air.I cant really tell from the footage and I was on the ground ,but I know what I heard on coms ,and our guys were having a hell of a time in the air against the matherson server.

I knew going in who ever won the air won the match.Its just how it is on nexus atm. Thats why the devs were talking about a revamp of the map, adding shields domes to the bases, more cover,even the removal of air all together on the battle islands .Needless to say I was there hoping of seeing a good infantry fight,and I found myself bored most of the time because everyone was in the air.What it comes down to is I wasted my time playing against a server there cares nothing for rules and has no honor.

As for better pilots??? I dont even know what a good one looks like. I spend more time in a drop pod than I do a

Like I said we were all given rules to follow.

If they wish to continue events like this they need to stand by the rules they make ,and enforce them. Otherwise I dont see a long list of outfits waiting to get on CC.

Like Evilpig said, might as well change the name to Server Clash, anything goes.

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