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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

You didnt proof nothing, your argument still being invalid.
1. Have you tested yourself a Hight RoF shotgun?The spread bullet its the same as every silver/gold ammo weapons
2. If Totheend has a bugged gun, his client will auto crash by the normal VS guy sweeper.
If the guy who was recording has the similar bug, why the VS guy sweeper was firing normal?
Having a weapon model bug since game loading is impossible, client check the models in the loading bar,

You can see the VS player sweeper without any type of change.

If you know "coding" you know Totheend was cheating

When you fire a gun , what happen?The cone of Fire increases=Less presicion=Less Damage

You can see a chaingun fire crossing, NOT coming from the sweaper, so tracers you saw before came from the chaingun.

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